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My Name is Raphael aka dj Ajanix and i was born in 1984 in Zürich, Switzerland. I found my way to psytrance in the early 2000.

I came in touch with music in the very early days of my life. I played saxophone and guitar for several years until I discovered the world of electronic music. When I visited my very first psytrance party in Switzerland I fell deeply in love with Psytrance. That’s where my path started, around 16 years ago.

I was only a visitor for a very long time, until I decided to take an active part in the Swiss Psytrance community. In 2007, I started the Party label „Free Flow Foundation“. Our focus was clear: Organizing unique events with outstanding and harmonic visual and musical concepts.

My journey as a DJ took me already to Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Bulgaria, Italy and even America.

Gaining more and more success as a DJ, i lost my interest in organising parties. In 2011, I decided to stop organising parties to fully concentrate on my DJ-activities.

As DJ Ajanix I play very deep, driving and pumping Psytrance and I am trying to take my listeners on a trippy journey, choosing only the best tunes to make them dream, smile, and dance!

In 2014, my enthusiasm for organising events returned and so I organised the first edition of the “One Love Festival”. http://www.onelovefestival.ch

In 2016, I deepened my musical bandwith and started my new Psychill Project "Swim's Tea". Choosing only the trippiest psychedelic Chillout music, i want to create 3-4 hour long psychedelic sessions, where one can lay back, close his eyes and go on a deep psychedelic journey with low bpm.