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Apo is Yves from Belgium.

He took a first breath at the world on 11/9/1982. Already at very young age he was extremely interested in music. When he was 11, he often listened to all kinds of music. One of his friends had a mini disco at his place and there it all started. He went with some friends to an underground party, called a goa party. His eyes opened and a new world gave entrance. He likes the people and the music very much!! It’s all peace and rock ‚n roll!! He loves it!!

Apo listened to all varieties of Psytrance. After a while he realised he wanted to do something with the music and get more out of it. He bought some turntables and plenty of vinyls. A little later he bought a groovebox mc 303 and a keyboard to examine and understand the electronic music. Later on he acquired some cd-players because there was more goa available on cd than on vinyl. He also studies Maschine MK2 from Native Instruments and Logic Pro on Macprovideo.

Now he’s playing mainly Psychedelic Trance music for 24/7 and GreenTree Recs.