The Artist




United Kingdom




Escape aka DJ Hugo Nation, born and raised in England, first started his psychedelic journey in the depths of the Kentish woodland party scene. Instantly hooked at the age of 15 he fully immersed himself into the UK psychedelic party culture where he began to DJ.

His keen ear for quality music and tight technical mixing was quickly recognised by organisers across the country. It was not long before his name could be found on the line-ups of some of the UK’s most renowned events.

Hugo joined the Twenty4Seven team in 2012 and since then has played across the globe alongside some of the biggest acts in the scene. Currently based between London and Vienna, Hugo has been working/collaborating closely with the likes of Sinerider, EEon, Neuroplasm and Materia developing his project Escape. After his debut EP release, ‘Intruder’, Escape's style has been described as 'a crisp and expertly cultivated blend of fresh rolling grooves with vast futurphonic soundscrapes with powerful and compelling rhythms.'

After keeping his head down in the studio, Hugo has been building an arsenal of tracks to unleash into the global psychedelic trance circuit!