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Raphael Rosdobutko aka Riff Ruff is around on the local Psy Trance scene in Austria since 2002. He is influenced by the electronic music scene since his early days as a child, he connected with Andi and Michi Moser and joined Darklines and they started a number of high quality production partys in Salzburg featuring some of the best artist´s on the international psy scene. With the start of 24/7 Media in 2006 which he co-founded with his brother Alex and Jakob Scheinast, he opened up a new chapter and is responsible for general, booking and PR management. His first international recognition he gained with a gig on the first Darklines underground party in London and events in Peru & Bolivia in 2005. Also he has played in Hungary, Germany, North America, Portugal, Italy, Switzerland and India. Raphael already played together with acts like Broken Toy, Dick Trevor, Aphid Moon, Perplex, Perfect Stranger, Loud, Magnetrixx and many more..Played for Promoters like: Symbiosis, Digital Hive, Neurotrance, Otherland, Kamouflage, Schmox, Klangbewusstsein, Raveology…